Artist: Lisa Pelgrim

The Architect
Title: The Architect
Description: Ceramic
Media: Sculpture
Size: 4 x 7 x 3
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Phone: (408) 896-3555

2020  Showings

This artist is exhibiting online only

About Lisa Pelgrim

I am primarily a self-taught artist working in clay, paint, and found objects. I am influenced by the Japanese and Hawaiian culture and aesthetics of my upbringing and my work often combines natural elements with man or the man-made. Sculpture Paintings and Vessels is a series of 3D ceramic pieces designed to hang on a wall. Faces are infused with botanical elements while cityscapes are recessed into natural backgrounds. Both serve to remind us of the role nature plays in our existence. I currently practice sculpting in my studio at Visual Philosophy Studios in San José, California.

On-Line Open Studio! August 15th 11am-5pm pacific time.
Missing Open studio? Join me and 7 other artists at Visual Philosophy at our pandemic proof online event. We have demos and chats scheduled. Talk to the 8 exhibiting artists during their interactive sessions, check out their work, for an online event on the See online exhibits and get to know me and other local artists through chats, Q&As, and demonstrations. To find out more check out my personal website and that of Visual Philosophy Studios.