Artist: Namratha Prithviraj

Golden Gate in Cotton Candy Sky
Title: Golden Gate in Cotton Candy Sky
Description: Acrylic on canvas
Media: Painting
Size: 12 x 12 x 2
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2020  Showings

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About Namratha Prithviraj

I got interested in art at the age of four, when I tried to color inside the lines but with my own artistic touch. Since then, I have been recording my travels and inspirations in the form of drawing and painting. Art has been a big part of my life as it allows me to express myself through designs and colors. I started to use acrylic paints when I painted at a studio in Alameda Artworks. My art expresses my ideas and emotions through bright, vibrant colors with abstract styles. I paint my travels and what I see in my surroundings with an abstractive touch.
Once I moved to Cupertino, I joined the Fine Arts League of Cupertino as an exhibiting member and have had the opportunity to meet many artists and learn from them. I have made many friends in FALC who have taught me about how to improve myself and how to grow as an artist. I have also had the opportunity to showcase my artwork through FALC in various events and get feedback on how to improve.
Art has helped me in many ways and I wanted to help children gain exposure to art. I have held art competitions for children in Kannada Koota of Northern California which is an organization here in the Bay Area. I want the children to be able to express themselves and get motivated by doing so.
With my interest in art, I wanted to inspire kids without any art experience to learn about art and how it can influence a person. To interact with kids myself, I coordinated an event in India, known as Arcus, from America. I planned an art competition for kids who do not have the privilege to learn about art much by providing them with art supplies. The kids were overjoyed to receive all the goodies that we provided and enjoyed drawing and painting. It was a very cherishing and humbling moment to see their happiness. Wanting to continue the experience, I went back the next year and was pleased to see the returning children who were inspired to continue art. Nothing is more satisfying than inspiring someone with something as little as spending a few hours with them.