Artist: Debi Lorenc

Fire Angel
Title: Fire Angel
Description: Image comprised of multiple photographs.
Media: Photography
Size: 18 x 12
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Phone: (408) 621-8871

2020  Showings

This artist is exhibiting online only

About Debi Lorenc

Like virtually all of us, I look for beauty, mystery, and truth. And perhaps paradoxically I often find them most happily in a fleeting moment caught in a still image. My initial spontaneous emotional response that includes wonder and many other feelings is soon joined by my designer’s sense of color and balance, and I find myself—in that image—entering and re-entering an unknown world. That’s why I find it difficult to walk without a camera at my side.

It can be a hectic street scene, a deeply shadowed canyon, the curious glance of a stranger, or a worn and abandoned glove. Each image seems to be a story that hasn’t been told yet. Or if it’s been told once, it’s now already folded itself back into its own still and quiet mystery and is begging to be told again in another new and unexpected way.

Wax, pigments, found objects and photos all add to the stories or experiences I create. Creating mood with color, images and found objects has become a strong interest of mine. I make a personal connection with my art in a way that I hope will provoke an emotional response to those who look at the work carefully.