Artist: Cristina Chang

Studio: Wishwerks Pottery

Title: Mug
Description: Two-tone high-fire (cone 10) glazes on porcelain
Media: Pottery/Ceramics
Size: 4 x 3 x 4
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Phone: (650) 383-8593

2020  Showings

This artist is exhibiting online only

About Cristina Chang

I believe that art is procured from the HEART. It is a blending of longing and belonging. To me, functional ceramics are best appreciated by touch, the same way they are created. Therefore, I care deeply how a mug or bowl feels in the hands and on the lips just as much as how it appeals visually. While I continue to explore forms, texture and colors, my creative goal remains the same – a communion between the object and the person who holds it.
The miniature series was inspired by a childhood collection. A scrap of clay in my hand became a marble-size ball, and then a miniature mouse took life, modeled after a pet mouse at home. Many more clay balls transformed into more animals and fruits almost on their own in my hands. Then recently, I stumbled upon a box of miniature sculptures buried deep in a drawer and fond memories of playing them with my grandmother flooded over me. These miniatures create a world unto itself. Sharing this world with you brings me joy.