Artist: Sonia Garcia

Studio: Soniando Arts

Heart of the Storm
Title: Heart of the Storm
Description: Oil on canvas, 2019
Media: Painting
Size: 48 x 36
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Phone: (949) 374-2862

2020  Showings

This artist is exhibiting online only

About Sonia Garcia

I would describe the majority of my paintings as vibrant gateways, transporting viewers to different landscapes, whether peaceful and calm or turbulent and chaotic. Even without a clear direction, through experimentation and play I transform the painting or piece into an expression of my feelings. Many times when working, I follow my intuition when picking colors and splash strokes on the canvas. Often starting as a mess, I think of new solutions and directions to take the original feeling in order to refine it. I want viewers to connect to the emotion in my work because of how personal I treat my creative process. I hope they see the natural subjects in my work and appreciate the way I have interpreted their beauty, not despite how warped and exaggerated their qualities are but because of them. My goal is to paint how I feel so that others are able to see a part of themselves in my paintings.