Artist: Mitun Balman

Pasacana Cactus in Indus Valley Civilization Pot No. 2
Title: Pasacana Cactus in Indus Valley Civilization Pot No. 2
Description: Acrylic on canvas
Media: Painting
Size: 16 x 20
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2020  Showings

This artist is exhibiting online only

About Mitun Balman

I found a new style of painting - a combinative style. My paintings reflect a combination of -isms (art movements) to bring together simultaneous realities onto a single canvas. Depictions of parallels - life as we experience it everyday. Depictions of multifarious, labile nature of our transmuting perceptions. Two side-by-side objects are experienced by us in different ways, at different levels, with different depths of focus, thoughts or emotions. This style of painting emerged out of necessity to depict that concomitant essence of our world. It became impossible for me to render these subjects using any one style.

Thus in my compositions, I end up combining Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Fauvism, and Op Art in a painting. Or combining Abstract Expressionism, Minimalism and Color Fields in another series.

Brief details of the 3 pieces in SVOS online directory:

1. A piece from a recent series shown at SVOS (the Cactus series) explores juxtaposition of opposites. It seeks to investigate the visual and subconscious effect of combining the ancient and the contemporary, ordinary and the surreal, illusory and the real, minimal and the maximal within the same visual window. This necessitates the manipulation of the focal point – within the entire peripheral field of vision – which keeps moving. To achieve this effect, this series uses a combination of Minimalism, Op Art, Surrealism, Color Field, Ancient art and Printmaking. The resultant antipodes – chaos and order, or solid forms beside busy lines – are part and parcel of the composition.

2. Interior with Banana Plant (Blue Walls) shown at SVOS combines Op Art, Abstract Expressionism, Ancient civilization art, Minimalism and Color field.

3. The large painting, Foyer 2, shown at SVOS combines Minimalism, Cave art, Color field, Printmaking Collagraph Monotype and Blockprinting.

I post in Instagram sometimes. I blog about my paintings once in a while. My latest show in February was titled 'Interiors.'