Artist: Mariel Weinbender

The Fifth Element
Title: The Fifth Element
Description: Printed Collage - varying sizes and frames
Media: Mixed Media
Size: 24 x 36
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Phone: (408) 500-1502

2020  Showings

This artist is exhibiting online only

About Mariel Weinbender

Mariel Weinbender is a free-spirit who thrives in nature and has a serious enjoyment for travel. Her preferred visual art mediums are collage and film photography. Through her work, she merges ethereal images from dreams with the inspiring terrain that surrounds her on adventures near and far.

Mariel's collage creations are something of pure magic. Once an idea is universally downloaded, she will spend hours perfecting the piece until it is complete. National Geographic magazines are her ideal material to work with, but she has recently expanded to encyclopedias, as well as photos and other publications.

Her favorite photography format is Psychedelic Blues Film, which is an experimental dreamscape on 35mm. The effect created with this film depict the allure of a foggy fantasy and the beauty of natural landscapes that words fall short to explain. There is an intoxicating authenticity beyond compare.

Mars Makes Magic one piece at a time. She captures each moment through beautifully enhanced digital prints. There is a serendipity that can never be erased. Support her art of LOVE and LITE!