Artist: Linda Manes Goodwin

   Room: #213

Homage A Raphael
Title: Homage A Raphael
Description: Oil pastel and graphite on canvas.
Media: Painting
Size: 24 x 30
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Phone: (415) 235-9888

2020  Showings

This artist is exhibiting online only

About Linda Manes Goodwin

I began drawing from live models at the Art Students League in New York City when I was in high school and have been exploring the figure ever since. While earning a BFA from Washington University, I studied both classic and abstract sculpture. The love of volume and form is evident in the voluptuous representation of the human form in space.

My drawings are a gestural, temporal, expression of the figure in motion. Having studied classical piano since I was six, music has had a great influence on my work. Whereas paintings are static, music is temporal, existing in both time and space. And works for the piano, like those for an orchestra, are comprised of the overlay of multiple voices.

I use paint sticks, oil pastels, graphite and razor blades, building layers and scraping away, until a narrative emerges.

While living in New York I showed at NYU Stony Brook, Nassau Community College and The Museo Del Barrio. I moved to California in 1987 for family and career and have recently returned to creating art. I currently have a studio at Art Bias in San Carlos.