Artist: Haley Goodlett

Untitled 1
Title: Untitled 1
Media: Painting
Size: 14 x 14
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Phone: (408) 858-0992

2020  Showings

This artist is exhibiting online only

About Haley Goodlett

The process of creating art has always been an escape. In presenting deeply mysterious landscapes with an abstract quality, Haley invites the viewer to escape with her by connecting to each piece in their own way. Through her artwork, she wants to reawaken a naturally pure and intuitive response in each individual. Her goal is for each piece to trigger parts of the viewer’s subconscious psyche to tell a story.

In 2001, Haley Goodlett moved from Owensboro, Kentucky to the San Francisco Bay Area to attend Notre Dame de Namur University and develop her skills as an abstract artist. Haley has shown at a number of galleries throughout the bay area, including the Peninsula Museum of Art, Gallery Ten10, Kaleid Gallery, and San Francisco City Hall. Haley is legally blind as well as colorblind, so she has a different connection to color than the sighted community. She uses bold colors and paints her vibrant, fluid works based on value and hue. She enjoys experimenting with organic textures and a variety of mediums, and loves learning about the different ways paint behaves.