Artist: Len Banks

Studio: Len Banks Watercolors

Title: Hummingbird
Description: Watercolor on Paper
Media: Watercolor
Size: 12 x 9
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2020  Showings

This artist is exhibiting online only

About Len Banks

I finally tired of saying, “Someday I want to paint”. For me, taking up the brush is part of my continuing spiritual journey where God is leading me on towards self-awareness, trust in Him, letting go of control, and learning to relax in terms of being ‘black and white’ in my approach to life. I am finally at a place in life where I can do this – it is both a result of becoming who God has planned for me and part of my ongoing journey to becoming who he wants me to be.

The light, the flow and looseness, the messiness coming together to create beauty is the way I have come to see life. Creativity flowing yet not fully in my control reminds me to acknowledge that life is also out of my control. Never meant to be. And yet in the messiness…beauty, light and hope emerge.