Artist: Winona Heyer

Mama Bear
Title: Mama Bear
Description: Digital Print
Media: Photography
Size: 16 x 20
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Phone: (831) 521-7662

2020  Showings

This artist is exhibiting online only

About Winona Heyer

My work as an artist has taken me all over the world. I love traveling to exotic locations to photograph nature including landscapes and wildlife. In my animal images, it is their familiar emotions that I am drawn to, that I see in their faces, that I try to capture in my photographs. It is the universality of life; its disappointments and its joys, its hardships and triumphs. It is these shared experiences that connects all creatures living on this little blue planet.
I got my first (110) camera by saving up box tops. And I have had a camera in my hand ever since. I eventually earned an undergraduate degree in Fine Art with emphasis in Photography. I also earned a graduate degree in another, related field. But Fine Art Photography will always be my first love.