Artist: Shannon Maher

Studio: Tendril Studios

with the tools we are given
Title: with the tools we are given
Description: found materials, fiber and metal
Media: Mixed Media
Size: 12 x 15
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Phone: (650) 704-3214

2020  Showings

This artist is exhibiting online only

About Shannon Maher

Shannon Maher created Tendril Studios to explore the intersection of art and design. She combines a varied background of education and experience in fine art, photo styling, and restaurant and residential interior design. Tendril's first projects began with a flatbed scanner and an evolving collection of found organic artifacts and vintage objects, each with a unique story and the marks of time. The results ranged from large format digital fine art, wallpaper, wrapping paper and panels of fabric, to tabletop glass object d'art. The object d'art were inspired by antique glass slides originally used in "Magic Lanterns" in the 18th and 19th century. Commonly used in scientific education, these glass slides were among the first projected light images, precursors to the film industry.

Having focused on client-centered projects for several years, Shannon has recently returned to a creative studio practice and is excited about new materials and ideas. She is deeply preoccupied by the physical and mental fragility of the world around her and intrigued by the human desire for planning and achieving a controlled outcome from the infinite uncontrollable variables of actual daily existence. She thinks about these things as she weaves, knits, crochets or otherwise manipulates raw and painted natural fibers, wire, and butyl rubber in the form of recycled bicycle tires.