Artist: Craig Scoffone

Alum Rock #15
Title: Alum Rock #15
Description: Archival Digital Print
Media: Photography
Size: 16 x 20
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Phone: (408) 295-0519

2020  Showings

This artist is exhibiting online only

About Craig Scoffone

When I’m out on a hike, always with my camera, what compels me to photograph a composition, is balance. An easily recognized interplay of contrasts, of shapes, textures and tones. A scene ready for recording with my camera has achieved a sense of balance that keeps the viewer’s eye squarely within the frame of the finished piece. Not to disappoint, but there is no intellectual angst or emotional turmoil that drives my art, or my need to create it. I just enjoy the beauty of the outdoors very much, and recording it in an artful and creative way brings me great pleasure. The challenge to try to do something different, within the frame work of solid compositional principles, is what I also enjoy in the process of creating this work. I’m constantly thinking of different ways to create a photographic images – that’s why my portfolio as a whole is so diverse. I need to do things this way to keep myself interested in creating more work.

Sometimes, I’ll be on a hike, and there may not be that many compelling compositions that present themselves to me, but that’s o.k,. Interesting compositions are worth the hunt, but just by being in the beautiful outdoors, I’m already ahead of the game. Finding compositions worth recording, I view as icing on the cake. This mind set keeps the ratio of images worth working on in post production, from the grouping taken in total, as a very high percentage of my work.