Artist: Marj Green

Teapot Twin
Title: Teapot Twin
Description: Archival Print
Media: Photography
Size: 20 x 16
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Phone: (650) 400-7789

2020  Showings

This artist is exhibiting online only

About Marj Green

Marj Green is a fine art Black & White photographer. She finds beauty and design in common scenes and uses light, shadows, contrast, tone and texture to create a mood or tell a story. She mostly searches for scenes that reflect rural man-made or urban industrial worlds. These scenes can be an abandoned factory, a historic home, an old steam locomotive, or a crumbling narrow street. Her images capture scenes that others might walk right by—seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary. Marj shoots in color and processes her images into Black & White. Her photographs have won placement in photo galleries and art museums in various California cities and national photo magazines. Her website is: