Artist: Lin C Peng

Starry starry night in the Grand Canyon
Title: Starry starry night in the Grand Canyon
Description: It comes with a 20x16 mat
Media: Watercolor
Size: 14 x 11
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Phone: (650) 852-9646

2020  Showings

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About Lin C Peng

Lin C. Peng
Born and educated in Taiwan, Lin C. Peng earned a bachelor degree of Fine Arts from the Chinese Culture University majoring in Westhern painting. She was a certified art teacher and got art education credentials from Taiwan Normal University in Taipei, Taiwan. She has been drawing and painting for many years and won many awards locally. One of her landscape oil paintings called “Hazy Morning” Won a special Achievement Award which is Award of Excellence - Top Five from AVArt fest2002 at Triton Museum of Art Santa Clara, California.

Lin likes to paint with both oil color and watercolor media. She is also proficient in Chinese paintings. As a Taiwanese-American she wants her painting to present her own style which contents both east and west concepts and technique. Influenced by western art, her paintings lean towards a more western , modern style and express a greater variety of colors and depth. She is a great admirer of nature and likes to travel. Those beautiful travel landscapes become the major subjects of her paintings. Floral is her favorite to paint too.

Lin had many years teaching experience. She was an art teacher in high school in Taiwan. In the US she had taught private art classes in Palo Alto, CA. Painting activity is a major part of her life. Her painting had been exhibited in other places, such as Japan, Taiwan and China. Right now Lin has a painting, Penguins In Antarctica, is exhibited in Pacific Art League. If you want to view more of her paintings, please visit Face Book The Art of Lin C Peng at