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About Group Sites

Join Our Group to Find a Group

Join our Yahoo Groups to help organize your own group. Click on the link at the right to join. You need to have a Yahoo account to use this. You can use this if your are an artist looking for a place to show, or if you have a site and wish to invite others to show with you.

Once you've joined the group, you can post a message for everyone about yourself and what kind of artists or site you are looking for, and how someone can contact you.

If you're an artist looking for a group, then post a short description about yourself and the type of artwork you do. If you have a geographic preference, mention that also.

It is up to the host artist to extend the invitation to others to join that site.

If You're Looking for a Site

If you're a single artist and haven't found a site, SVOS can introduce you to an artist who is hosting others. But register early as these sites fill up very quickly. Send your request via e-mail to and tell us a little bit about your art.

If You're an Artist Willing to Host

If you would like to host other artists at your site, SVOS can assign other artists looking for a place. Send use an e-mail to and describe a little bit about your site, how many artists you want, and what kind of artwork you're looking for if you have a preference. We will introduce you to artists and let you make the final invitation.


Group Benefits

  • If you're new to SVOS, you can learn from vetrans.
  • Share the cost of refreshments.
  • Spend quality time with visitors without worry.
  • Attract more visitors with shared promotion.
  • Share the work of set up and take down.