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Directory Advertising

Support SVOS by Selling Ads in the Directory

As a local artist and participant in SVOS, you know potential advertisers who may be interested in this opportunity. You may not even realize it right now but think about it. Consider downloading the cover letter and advertising packet to share with those potential advertisers as part of your volunteer efforts for this event. The downloads include an introductory letter, examples of ads, and the rates. It is everything you need to approach someone about this opportunity.

2020 Advertising Cover Letter as an introduction.

Download the packet for rates and examples.

Each year we publish between 30,000 and 35,000 of these directories and distribute them free to the public. We hire Circulation Management Inc., a professional distribution company, who places them at more than 500 locations throughout Silicon Valley from South San Francisco to Gilroy as well as cities along the Pacific Coast, They are distributed to libraries, civic centers, colleges, shopping centers, coffee shops, art supply stores, as well as many other merchants.

We design the directory as a year-around resource for artists and art patrons. We’ve learned that visitors to art studios often contact the artists weeks later, so we know the directory is referenced after the event.