Second Harvest Benefit Art Sale - Information for Artists

How to enter:

  • Registration: If you have already registered for SVOS 2020, there is no additional cost to participate in this event and no need to re-register. After reviewing these instructions, you may go to the upload page at to upload your event entries. If not yet registered with SVOS for 2020, there is a $50 fee to register for this sale and be featured in the SVOS artist directory for the balance of 2020. Go to to enter your registration information and payment. If you have registered with SVOS at any time in the past few years, your prior information should still be available, and you will only need to bring it up to date. Once you have registered, go to the upload page at to submit your entries.
  • Update Artist Information: Be sure both your public and private contact information is current, as the public information is what will be shown to buyers in the shopping system and the private information will be used by SVOS staff to notify you of your sales, etc. Check your website address, if you have one, and review and update your artist statement, if needed, as these will be on the artist information page that will be shown to buyers.
  • Prepare your entries: Decide what artwork you wish to enter in the exhibit gallery. You may enter up to 5 pieces. (If one is sold, you may replace it with another.)

    Prepare the following for each piece: (scroll down to see sample product page) Sample Product Page
    1. Artwork images - jpeg files, minimum 1000 pixels wide, 72 dpi resolution, file size < 8 MB. Files which do not meet these requirements will be rejected. Images will be resized automatically to fit within the available space in the gallery (thumbnail) and on the item information page (larger version). Images do not have to be square, but closer to square will show better. Note: some categories of images may not be accepted by our shopping cart processor, such as nudes. If you have images that you are concerned may be rejected, please contact us to discuss.
    2. Title (text, one line)
    3. Price (whole dollars, not including sales tax, which will be added automatically)
    4. Media (Painting, Sculpture, Photography, etc.)
    5. Size - H x W x D (if 3D) (whole inches - for irregular items such as jewelry, use a good approximation)
    6. Location for Pickup or Shipment (city, gallery, or other specific location). Don’t use a street address - provide that when arranging pickup.
    7. Description of the piece (text, no special characters or formatting), including any general information about the piece, location, media employed, special techniques, framing, whether reproductions of the original are also available, whether shipping is available (at a cost to be agreed upon between buyer and artist) or only pickup. Note: if you are donating all of the sale proceeds for this piece, or any amount above the standard 15%, be sure to note that here in ALL CAPS to emphasize it to buyers.
    8. Special instructions: This information is not displayed to the buyer, but provides additional information to the SVOS staff, such as available options, multiple sizes, colors, reproduction prints, etc. Provide a price for each option. These will be listed individually for the buyer to choose from. For example: 12x18 $100, 18x24 $200, etc. Again, be sure to put all information you want buyers to see in the Description field.
  • Deadline: The sale will begin on October 15 and run until November 30. You can add items at any time, however, up to your available limit. But do not delay submitting your pieces, as this could create a bottleneck for the upload process and delay getting your artwork on the shopping site.
  • Upload your entries: Go to


Here is how the online sales process will work:
  1. The shopping gallery and ordering system opens for buyers on October 15 and closes on November 29.
  2. Buyer selects a piece to purchase from the web gallery, enters payment (cc) info, and completes the purchase transaction.
  3. Buyer receives a purchase receipt.
  4. SVOS is notified of the sale. A copy of the notice is sent to the artist.
  5. SVOS receives the buyer’s payment less payment processing fee (2.9%+.30 per transaction).
  6. SVOS is not taking any commission on sales.
  7. SVOS sets aside sales tax amount for payment to State and 15% donation amount for payment to Second Harvest. (Any higher donation amount will be remitted directly by the artist to Second Harvest).
  8. Upon receipt of funds from the payment processor, SVOS sends artist a confirmation of sale with itemized amounts of sale, tax, processing fee, artist donation to Second Harvest, and net proceeds.
  9. If buyer requests shipment, artist must contact them directly to agree upon method and cost, and to collect any payment agreed upon.
  10. Upon confirmation of delivery or shipment by the artist, SVOS remits net payment to artist via check (artist pickup or mailed; we are investigating, but do not currently have, electronic payment options).
  11. Artist may add a replacement piece after the sale is completed and paid for.
  12. Artists must be willing to accept returns of undamaged items for exchange or refund for a period of 2 days after receipt by the buyer.
  13. If an item is returned via shipping, buyer pays for the return shipping.
  14. If an order is cancelled or refunded for any reason, then upon confirmation from the artist and return of any funds received from SVOS for the sale, SVOS will process the refund to the buyer.
  15. After the sale ends, SVOS will transmit sales tax collected to the State and the 15% donation to Second Harvest. Artists do not need to include these sales in their own sales tax reporting to the State. SVOS will provide a link for artists to send any additional donation to Second Harvest.

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Sample entry showing how your information will be displayed.

Numbers correspond to the list of fields above.

sample product page