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Guidelines for Artist Statement

Your artist statement appears on your profile page of the SVOS web site. Statements are no longer optional and every artist is required to submit a statement with their application. Browse some of the other artists' statements using the "Find an Artist" link on this web site.


  • Your statement should describe your art and explain what is different and unique about what you do.
  • It should help potential visitors decide to come to your studio during the Open Studios weekends.
  • It can have three or four short sections: the general statement, major prizes, current galleries, and education.
  • Present an image of quality and professionalism of SVOS artists.

General Statement:

  • Start with a general statement about what kind of art you do and describe your specific focus. Give this a little marketing flair. Example: Instead of writing "I paint large florals", say something like "I paint large florals with vivid color and delicate detail."
  • Describe any demonstrations of your art that visitors can watch.
  • If you have a specific time for a special demonstration, mention when. Example: "At 2:00 pm on Saturday, we'll be pouring molten brass into the molds."
  • If you've traveled to interesting places to get ideas or material for your work, you can mention that.
  • If you use unusual materials or have developed unique techniques, then briefly describe them.


  • Provide a list of some of the galleries where your art is currently on display. The galleries don't have to be local, but please restrict the list to galleries where your art is presently on display.

Major Prizes:

  • If you have won prizes in major shows such as regional, statewide, or national shows, mention those. Prizes at local art club events aren't so important and don't add much to your statement.

Formal Education:

  • If you have a formal education in art and a degree in fine art, that is definitely worth mentioning.