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Guidelines for Using Our Logo

Guidelines for Using Our Logo

Any place that our logo is used must reference an official SVOS event.

If other events are listed, that's okay, but at least one must be an official SVOS event where you are participating. Some artists like to send a post card listing where they will be showing for the next several weeks. That's okay, so long as one of those places is an SVOS event.

You can change the size but you must do so proportionally and maintain the aspect ratio.

Do not warp, wrap, or otherwise transform the look and shape of our logo.

Do not alter the colors.

These images are in RGB color space, but you may convert to CMYK if needed for print.

Do not overlay any other graphic or image on top our logo.

Do not change the opacity of our logo.

There is a png. version that has a transparent background. Also note that this version has a light grey drop-shadow.


Please Note:

The .png logo has a transparent background while the .jpg has a white background. Both have a drop shadow effect.

SVOS Logo.png


SVOS Logo.jpg

SVOS Logo.jpg