Silicon Valley Open Studios

Connecting artists to art enthusiasts


Volunteer Opportunities

To keep SVOS participation fees as low as possible and make this event a success, we rely on artist volunteers. We ask every participating artist to volunteer at least six hours to help make the event the best that it can be. Review the list below and let us know how you can help. This is an excellent way to meet other artists and volunteering with SVOS looks great on your resume.

To volunteer send an e-mail to

Content Writers

Try your hand at writing short stories about art and artists that are targeted to the art buying public such as "Understanding Different Art Styles", or "How to Identify Quality Artwork" and other similar topics. These will appear on our web site, in our Facebook posts, in our newsletter to art lovers and maybe even in one of the local newspapers. This will include interviewing (via phone, e-mail, or in person) various artists and writing the "Profile of an Artist" monthly during the year. (More frequently during March and April). Other tasks may include writing ad copy and other content for promotional material. There is a lot of activity in this area so we’re looking for more than one volunteer.

Registration Data Entry

Assist the registration team to help process artists' registration materials.

  • This job is needed during December and January
  • Work from home using your own Internet access
  • Some training is required which takes about an hour
  • Enter artists' information into the SVOS registration database
  • Upload images to the SVOS web site
  • Send an e-mail to each person registered and follow up to correct errors

Advertising Placement Coordinator

Working with our list of newspaper contacts, the Advertising coordinator will contact each of the publications chosen for display advertising to coordinate the placement of this year’s SVOS display ads. This position will require coordinating with the SVOS Marketing Manager and one or more of the volunteer graphic designers to ensure that the final, approved copy is delivered to the publication on time for publication and in the required format. Also, this requires coordination with the Executive Directory to insure that payment is made to the publications in advance of each insertion.

Advertising Graphic Designer

Be a part of the SVOS Marketing Team using your graphic design skills to produce print display ads for various local newspapers in the SVOS area. Working with the Marketing Manager, the advertising graphic designers will design the layout of each of the display ads for various newspapers in the SVOS region. Content for the ad will be developed in collaboration with the Marketing Manager.

  • Work with the marketing manager and advertising buyer to create and design appropriate-sized advertising copy and graphics
  • Help develop a compelling graphic and written message that informs the public about the benefits of visiting artists during Silicon Valley Open Studios
  • Prepare each display ad to the dimensions and specifications of the intended publication
  • Work with Adobe Creative Suite (or equivalent) to facilitate ease of use and provide materials for archives

Exhibit Coordinators

Working with the Exhibit Manager (and sometimes, the exhibit Juror) coordinate one of the exhibits throughout the year. Many of the exhibits are in the winter or early spring but others are done throughout the year.

  • Working with the Exhibit Manager, compose and e-mail the "Call to Artists" for the exhibit
  • Participate in the selection team to select the pieces for the exhibit. Communicate to each artist which entries were accepted or rejected
  • Create an inventory list of all pieces in each exhibit along with artists' contact information. Learn to use Excel or similar program
  • Create and print information tags for each piece of art in the exhibit
  • Send reminders about drop-off and installation instructions.
  • Check in artists at the exhibit venue
  • Send reminders about removal instructions and check-out artists as they remove their artwork

Video Crew

Be a part of the SV Talk Art video team.

  • Assist with each monthly production of SV Talk Art
  • Learn how to use various video equipment for taping and editing the TV program. Requires training at the Peninsula Media Center (Training fees paid by SVOS)
  • Requires a commitment to participate in at least 10 shows over a two year period

Social Media Team

Support SVOS in marketing their events throughout the year, with strategy and execution of relevant social media placements.

  • Edit and post social media content created by various SVOS teams and the Board of Directors on demand.
  • Keep existing Facebook and Twitter accounts populated with information about SVOS, our events and our artists.
  • Generally a couple of hours per week with heavier demand during March and April.

Advertising Media Research

Be a part of the SVOS marketing team by helping execute an effective advertising program for the May Open Studios event.

  • Contact designated publications to obtain quotes associated with various sizes of display ads and publication dates
  • Maintain orderly records and lists to assist the marketing team in choosing the best placement strategy
  • Discuss with the Marketing Manager to help develop an effective print display strategy to meet marketing and budget objectives
  • Help coordinate media placements and ensure the proper ad copy is delivered by the specified deadline
  • Maintain a calendar of run dates and communicate upcoming placements to the SVOS team

Marketing Research Assistant

Help the Marketing and Executive team understand the cost structure of other art related events in the area to ensure that SVOS fees are competitive to other venues.

  • Contact and interview various sources that we provide to learn about other art related venues
  • Work with the Executive Director and Marketing Team to determine the type of information desired. Develop a questionnaire that will provide the framework for each interview
  • Contact other sources that you may know to obtain similar information
  • Maintain orderly records and present the information is a clear and succinct format to aid in effective decision making about future benefits and fees

Directory Proof Readers

This job requires several volunteers.

Directory proof readers will review the Artists Directory before the final submission to the printer. This will involve carefully reading the preliminary proof copy of the Artist Directory for accuracy, clarity, spelling, and usability of content by comparing each entry with the information for that artist on the SVOS web site.

In addition, the reviewer will examine images to insure color and clarity are of good quality. Make a list of all discrepancies for the designer and registration manager.

Other proofreaders will be part of the Map Review Team. This task is best done as a team effort to ensure that every open studios site is correctly displayed on the maps. This requires that the team meet for a few hours in early March.

Delivery Driver

Deliver Artist Directories and Yellow signs to the Artist Pick-up places.

  • This activity occurs during a two week period during the first half of April
  • Usually requires about two trips to each of 5 or 6 pick-up places to ensure that each location has a supply of material
  • Requires a light truck or SUV
  • Some lifting is required as boxes of directories weigh about 50 lbs.

Data Entry

Working from your own home computer using either an Excel Spreadsheet or Internet access, enter various types of information to help the marketing team communicate with art lovers.

This work can be done at your convenience during the period between November and March.

Artist Pick-up Place

Provide a location in your neighborhood where nearby artists can come at various times (established by you) to collect the directories and yellow signs that they will need for their open studios site.

  • Before the two-week pick-up period, select the days and time that nearby artists can come to collect material for their site.
  • Monitor the supply and alert SVOS if you need more material before you run out.
  • Maintain a list of artists who come to collect the material and how much they need so we can do a better distribution in future years.
  • You'll need a safe, dry place (porch or garage, for example) to keep the material.